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Here we are, all together... having a lovely Slouchers time - all mingling together, as we should be! Slouchers are a half mule half slipper.  Slide them on or pull them on - it's your choice...  many of us walk on the backs forever, others use them both ways.  More secure than a simple, often hard, mule but more convenient than a slipper that you have to bend to put on.. when you least feel like moving, Slouchers are in total agreement with you... and they can't be bothered making the effort either!

Are Slouchers Different? 
Yes and No... they are a hybrid cross between a slipper and a mule.  The backs will not come over the heel like typical slippers, but you can still wear them on the backs and they stay up... equally, you can walk on the backs, like mules...

Mule Slipper Hybrids by Slouchers