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Are Slouchers Different? 
Yes and No... they are a hybrid cross between a mule and a slipper. 
The backs are a tapered low style.  They will not come over the heel like typical slippers, but you can still wear them on the backs and they give you the same comfort qualities... but equally, you can walk on the backs, like mules.  You might even think them a little strange on the very first try for a good few minutes, especially if you only ever wear full slippers.   Mule wearers get them immediately.   They're great and you are going to love them!    


The hybrid mule slipper

Sizing Question Slouchers

Our most common question is in regards to size
Are Slouchers true to size? What is the fit?

Yes, they are true to size and it is almost essential for them to be too snug and close when you first try them.  If they are snug and cosy but still go onto your foot, they fit. You do not want new Slouchers to be at all roomy or go on easy to start.  The sheepskin inside is at its optimum and this will relax and mould to your feet like a glove and our sizing page will help you more with this question too.

Are Slouchers Slippers Water Resistant?
There is nothing worse than forgetting you only have slippers on and popping out without thinking. Slippers are not made for outdoor wear and Slouchers are not much different.  So, you can't go running around and jumping in puddles now, so be warned. However, fear not... our Slouchers do have some resistance with the rubber and EVA soles and underfoot padding they are probably going to get you through several oopsy-daisies without too much of a worry.  In addition, they are far better at coping than synthetic slippers and as silly as we are making this section sound, there is every chance that if you suddenly realised you still had them on while on the bus to work, you'd simply have a lovely day (as long as it doesn't pour with rain or snow). Water resistant does not mean waterproof.  It simply means that due to their natural makeup and the fact that the sole qualities are such that they will cope with a damp garden path that you have this as a general advantage.  But the general answer here is that these are slippers and while we would totally recommend  you wear them sat in the garden or chatting at the front gate on a sunnier day, you should avoid using them when wet outside if possible. Slippers are primarily made for indoors.

It's also worth knowing that there are some great protection products that can be used to help make them considerably more resistant to staining and getting wet: SEE UNIVERSAL PROTECTION SPRAY. This product means that even if you spill something wet directly onto them, it would roll off while the protection continues. Worth checking out if you think this might be helpful to you.

I suffer from excessive sweaty foot odour - will Slouchers help?
We feel for you.  With over 250,000 sweat glands in your feet it's hardly surprising!  To simplify this, let us try to explain in simple terms exactly what is happening:  It's a cycle... feet sweat (all feet, everybody's feet), the feet therefore get wet, they are trapped inside shoes or boots, this creates a lovely environment for the bacteria that everyone has, to have a field day.  It's often that simple.  So, coming home and then putting on synthetic, PU or similar slippers designed to keep your feet away from bothering other people, will never help.  The cycle starts again because some of that bacteria is still lurking.  That bacteria is still lurking around in those shoes and socks so if they go on again this gives the bacteria the boost it's looking for to speed up the process again.  Builders, nurses and other workers, working long hours in the same footwear, often enclosed are the most susceptible.   So, now you know this, it's a matter of doing two things:  1... change your slippers, and yes, sheepskin is the answer and this page explains why pretty well, but we'll add to that in a minute.  2.... change your foot routine and sock / shoe routine to compliment this and then give everything a little time.
So, yes, Slouchers sheepskin mule slippers will certainly help in many ways.  In the various ways that sheepskin itself is naturally good and will not allow this bacteria to stay around as long as most natural and definitely a lot less than any synthetic slipper could.  And Slouchers design gives you the best of both worlds because it covers the foot during the early days of this transformation allowing you not to worry about the people in the room.  But because it is not a full closed in back there is also additional breathing space that you get with a mule.  So a typical new routine might be (depending on your working day routine):  Wash and dry feet when you remove your shoes for the day.  Popping a little apple cider vinegar in the water or a little bicarb won't harm either, but just ensure they are well cleaned.  Our homes are currently full of sanitiser gel - even a little rub of that might help.  Once dry pop on your slippers and relax.  Do this each evening.   Consider having more than one pair of work shoes / boots if possible and wear every other day.  It is also better if they are also not synthetic.  Change cotton or bamboo socks daily.  Read all the other info on this page relating to deodorising etc and use any other tips that might help such as the minty teabags popped in slippers until you come back to them... no need to push in, just wherever the teabags or whatever your desired choice land will enhance the natural deodorising abilities during the first days of your new routine.  

Patience is the key but routine is the answer.
We must repeat; please read the information on this page and consider the advantages of sheepskin in general.   The new routine of cleaning your feet with the intention of ridding yourself of this nightmare buffers the feet for being placed into the wool with all its natural advantages and giving your feet the best chance to recuperate.  We can tell you without exception that wearing sheepskin on your feet is the best slipper option available to you. See our next question for help on keeping your slippers fresh.

** This advice is useful if you have no serious underlying health conditions that could be causing this problem. So naturally we would always advise that you do speak to your GP if you cannot attribute the problem to things like excessive time wearing work / other shoes because of e.g. working hours / job.  Foot odour and bacteria (could be at work) are often linked, but only a GP can tell you if there's another reason.  In most cases there isn't anything to worry about and a new routine and healthy natural footwear will sort this out for you.

Avoid Memory Foam:  We should also mention here that if you have a sweaty foot problem you should avoid memory foam based slippers.  Memory foam is synthetic and is often used to entice buyers, even with sheepskin... but it shouldn't be.  It totally spoils the nature of natural sheepskin.  You WILL sweat more with memory foam and it is not absorbent, leaving you hot and clammy. 
Our underfoot base is not a deep cushion-y enticing gimmick to make you buy.  It is totally aerated and minimal.  It acts as an additional shock absorber and it helps cushion WITH air.  You will not feel it and it enhances the natural makeup of the slipper.   

How do I freshen up or deodorise my Slouchers?
We all love a nice fresh smell and sometimes we just want to include our slippers especially after many weeks or months of use without a break. An amazingly easy top tip is if you have any natural flavoured teabags, such as chamomile, lavender, even strawberry - literally just pop one in each and the natural slipper and natural tea work in unity to deodorise and freshen. Another option is a mixture of baking soda with a drop or two of your favourite essential oil. Mix until no damp particles are obvious, and sprinkle inside, lightly or alternatively place into a sock and put inside. Do not rub in. Shake (or take) out next day and they are good to go. There are also sprays that are available and if they are made for sheepskin they will also work well.

Someone told me sheepskin slippers helped them sleep. How?
Sleep is just one example of how the natural temperature regulator can be beneficial. Getting into bed at night, making the removal of your Slouchers the last thing you do means your feet are at the perfect temperature for relaxation and sleep. Gone are the nights of trying to get your feet warm or even cool when all you want to do is sleep.

Are Slouchers‘moisture wicking’?
We often hear words like moisture-wicking these days in sports wear etc that is designed to mimic natural fabrics to help keep you dry during workouts, but nothing performs better than natural wool when it comes to this science. The term moisture wicking is reserved basically for synthetic fabrics in sports because of the way they have technically created the fabric specifically for deliberate sweating. They have tried to mimic how wool performs naturally. The idea of something being moisture wicking in sportswear is to draw moisture to a surface of a garment and dispelling it quickly to enable you to remain dry. Unlike sheepskin, such fabric has no other benefits.

Are Slouchers soft and flimsy or hard and rigid?
No… neither of these! Unlike many sheepskin slippers they are neither so soft and limp that they soon start to look like granddads old pair, or stiff and thick, so they look and feel like you are wearing clogs.  Slouchers unique styling and materials provide both comfortably soft support and feel with sufficient sturdiness in the design shape to never look flimsy nor rigid. They look like Slouchers and you will know what we mean when you get them and compare them to other brands. They are fabulous!

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