The Slouchers Fit & Our Size Chart

Fit and sizing are two different things as any lady that has ever worn heels will tell you! A pair of size 5's can be too big, small, loose or tight... depending on make, style and more.

Slouchers are made of a natural material with a wool interior because they are sheepskin. They are true to size and the difference between a sheepskin slipper and a standard slipper is that you are investing in a product that will ultimately fit like a glove - literally. It is important to note that Slouchers are always very snug when first tried and relax as worn.

If, when you first try them you can put them on, but they feel close and snug, that is normal. You have bought the correct size. As you wear them, they mould to your feet and become increasingly comfy. If they are loose, they are too big, and you should return them before removing the tags. If they are super tight to the point where they cannot be put on, they are too small. Of the hundreds of people we tested, not one person that was a standard shoe size was fitted incorrectly.  You should usually buy your normal size.

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When Trying on for the first time

Initially you might think they are a little snug as we have said - so this handy guide might help for how they should feel when you first try them on 

size matters with slouchers sheepskin slippers


Easy to get on and feel quite comfy Perfect! You have probably bought your usual size and you have an average or smaller, slim foot or similar. As long as they are not roomy, you have the correct size.
Feel very snug, but I can pull them on...


This is the norm for first Slouchers fit. You have probably bought your usual size and you have an average foot width and sizing. Slouchers should be very snug / close and because of typical market trends buyers can mistake this for too small, but they are not. Remember, the sheepskin is at its optimal and as this relaxes and moulds to your foot your slippers become heavenly. 
Feel very tight and are hard to get on

Too small? If your Slouchers are so hard to put on and feel very tight once they are on you may have bought a smaller than usual size.  This is a mistake especially when new. As silly as it may sound, if they are not 'tight' but just firm and close, they will almost certainly be okay because the optimal sheepskin inside will be taking up room that relaxes after just a little wear, but if you really feel they are tight (you cannot get your foot in) return them and order the next size up.
Feel pretty loose

Too big...
Return them

You definitely do not want your Slouchers to be too roomy initially. It is a common mistake that people want to put on their Slouchers and they immediately want them to be very easy to slip into. In the long term, an initially roomy Sloucher is not the best option and natural products filled with wool and cushioning as Slouchers are, should fit very close. We would advise that you return them and order the next size down.
Half Sizes / fat feet / swollen ankles and other such issues: If you are a half size, order the size up.  The reason we say this is because Slouchers are very very snug to start - this is how they should be but if you are (for example) a size 9.5 usually, a size 9 Slouchers will feel snug on a 9 and therefore we feel that although the size 9 could be okay, the initial snugness will throw you and the size 10 will be a better option.  At the same time, you know your foot type better than we do and a person in a typical size may always need a larger size for another reason.  We hope this page will help you to determine the answer to your question, but Contact Us in advance with any enquiry and we will certainly try hard to help you.
Wide Feet

Slouchers are a medium width. If you have a wider than average foot width you may often buy slippers a size up. That may also be the case with Slouchers,  In advance of buying it might be a good idea to email us with your foot width size.  Please allow us 24 hours to respond to such requests.

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Size Chart

Slouchers include both EU and UK sizing - they are true to size but the EU sizing give you a further indication of sizing as some EU numbers give a half sizing etc in UK terms.  Mens and womens foot sizing is different even in the same size - so a size 7 for a woman is slightly different to that of a size 7 for men.  With this in mind we had to consider the best consideration within sizing even though they are non-gender specific.  For that reason, sizes 3 to 7 are made with women in mind and size 8 upwards with men.   We will include a variety of information below that will help you to decide your best size slipper.  Here is a chart of our sizing and how that corresponds to EU sizing.

Slouchers Shoe size chart:

Foot length in cm - Measure foot from heel to tip of large toe for approx inner slipper measurement.  This will help but can not be exact measure.

Total Length of outer sole base (outer) This will NOT correspond with any specific foot measurement and purely tells you the outer length of the sole as an aid.

EU size

The corresponding EU Size

UK size

This is our sizing

22.2 cm

243 mm



23.1 cm

250 mm



23.9 cm

258 mm



24.8 cm

266 mm



25.6 cm

276 mm



26.5 cm

285 mm



27.3 cm

290 mm



28.1 cm

297 mm



29.0 cm

303 mm



29.8 cm

309 mm



30.6 cm

316 mm



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Returns - If you buy the wrong size there is a return address form in the paperwork sent - simply complete, attach and return.  Order the size you do want in the meantime from the website as we do not do exchanges.  As soon as we receive the return we will issue the refund.  We will email you upon its receipt by us. 

Slouchers are snug and cosy upon first wearing and should be close... but not tight.

The sheepskin interior is fluffy and welcoming and this relaxes as worn and moulds to your feet, just as you would expect with a natural product. Sheepskin is warm in the winter but breathable and cool in the summer. Natural materials next to your skin are healthier than synthetic. Your feet do not sweat as much and over time any foot conditions are improved by avoiding synthetic materials. Sheepskin slippers are an investment in your health and well being.

Need more info?

We have so much more information on our various pages... See:

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We are happy for you return on the basis that you ordered the wrong size.  Just complete this form and we'll come back to you within 24 hours.  Remember - don't remove the attached tags until you are sure they are perfect for you.  Try them on, on a carpet or if you have hard floors, please use a material to ensure they don't mark.  Slouchers may only be returned in resalable condition with all tags intact as per the information on the website and within the box and on the tags attached.  You will find more information on returns here
DO NOT BUY 2 sizes to try on... this is a costly exercise for you and us and we will not cover the cost of a return for a different size if you do this. However, if you feel you have bought the wrong size you can return and the new pair will be sent out without a further postage payment.