Slouchers Loyalty Points

Earn Loyalty Points Every Time You Buy Slouchers

Each time you spend money on you will get a Loyalty Discount worth around 5% of your order.  And you get this every time you purchase.  These points add up!  Save them up and save off a future pair of Slouchers Slippers or 100% Mulberry Silk Gifts Set.

More info:

  • Slouchers Points are valid for use for 12 months.  However, this is based on your last order date, so every order will extend the validity of the points for this amount. So for example if a customer has 100 points which expire in 3 months but they place an order today it will extend the validity of their first 100 points plus their new points for further 12 months.  Therefore, people buying Slouchers periodically may continue to accumulate points to put a larger amount towards a new pair.

  • Points can be used once you have 50 points or more (you get more than that per pair of Slouchers)

  • Points are added to accounts every 2 months

  • Points applicable are owned by the email address used at time of purchase and cannot be transferred

  • Refunds reduce pending points and removes any extended dates on previous points

  • Points are calculated at the rate of £1 spent = 1 point.  Therefore £50 spent = 50 points... converted to value this is = to £2.50 future discount.  £100 spent would = £5 discount Loyalty points.  An average spend of £77 gives you £3.85

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