A Freebie!

Pack of shoe styled eco fresheners sent for all orders made on the website

It's always nice to get a freebie and we like to say thank you.  These freebies are lovely and a very useful addition to your lounge wear drawer or just to make you feel good when you open the drawer at work maybe. 

Because you can dab your own oil or scent on them they literally last forever (well, almost).  Fresheners never last (ignore any comment on fresheners that say the scent last for weeks... it's impossible because they dissipate by air).  However, with these you can keep bringing them back to life with a little shake of oil or use a favourite scent (or even use that scent someone bought you that's nice... but its just not you).  You can even just spray with fabreze.  So versatile and just handy little things to have.  


Shoe eco robe and drawer fresheners free with every website order
Reusable - eco friendly - use with your favourite oil or scent

Good places to use:

NB:  For orders placed between 9th - 17th August:
Due to some warehousing changes being made during these dates, we will send your eco shoe fragrances out to you on 20th August via post. 

Due to stock options we may send these out under separate cover and always let you know if we do this in one of the emails sent during the order and despatch process.