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Slouchers Fit & Size Chart

Information relating to delivery for all orders placed online. Plus payment options explained

Slouchers are snug initially, so read all about the fit and check out our size chart and details

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10 Good Reasons...

Our Packaging

We could give you a hundres reasons to buy Slouchers - Here are just 10!

Take a peak at our modern standard packaging in advance of buying

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Slouchers Q's & A's

Care Instructions

The most commonly asked questions answered in advance

Slouchers will always take care of you... so just incase you ever need to return the favour...

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Tracking Your Order

Send us a message any time for information or to ask a question. We reply quickly

We keep you updated every step of the way via email with full tracking details

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Loyalty Points

About Us

Earn Loyalty Points every time you shop to use towards future purchases

Every business has a story!
Here's how Slouchers was born

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Returns & Refunds

Social Butterflies

Returns & Refunds are easy too.  Simply complete the return form and give us 24 hours to respond

We are looking for our face of Slouchers from prospective models looking to enhance their portfolio 

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Trade Collaboration

Smelly Feet?

Limited opportunities may exist to collaborate with Slouchers

It's not funny is it.  One of the questions we get a lot may help you 

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UK Brand - where are they made?

Slouchers Slippers are a UK brand. 

They are 100% designed and made by us and were quite a long time in the making.  The boxes are from Portugal because after much time and energy we were unable to get our exact size and design made in the UK.  Our next lot of boxes for future lines have been redesigned and are set to be from the UK.  The tissue, labels etc are also UK made.

Slouchers Silk is the best in the world
Having spent a long time ensuring we are dealing directly with the factory with credits and full inspections and verifications in regards to the way they work, their methods and their treatment of staff and animals etc are above and beyond excellent.  The reason the silk is from China is because it is, without exception, the best in the world.  In contrast to some manufacturing areas, silk is a product the Chinese know best and silk from anywhere else is certainly inferior.  The silk is both created and made into products in one place.  We did not even start to visit prospective companies to use until we had read all their independent inspection reports.  We visited and the pricing and standards are of the highest.  Their entire standards are very high. 
We would not recommend buying silk from any other originating country. 

The design team is based in the UK Slouchers UK brand.

The packaging, labels, tissue and other finishing elements are made in the UK and designed by Slouchers.  The items are boxed and finished in the UK.

We are currently designing and manufacturing (100% in the UK) our next lot of Slouchers products and are currently mostly interested in relaxing products and loungewear.  New and exciting products that we will only make available once they are just perfect.  We consider lifestyles carefully and are most interested in fabrics that are natural and properly sourced.