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If you are an affiliate advertiser and would like to earn commission for sales of our very popular products, then apply to become an affiliate with us.  Slouchers genuine sheepskin mule / slippers and 100% Mulberry Silk gift sets.  Popular products at prices that enable good earning potential. 

We use a trusted UK affiliate company Paid on Results to track all your visits and sales.  

Slouchers sell 100% Australian sheepskin slippers and 100% Mulberry Silk gift sets.  Both of these items are popular all year round but are especially popular in the quarter leading up to Christmas and into the New Year as they are extremely popular as gifts because of their luxury aspect.  They are affordable items but at a price that provides excellent potential for good earnings.  The modern yet traditional unisex slipper style mean your pages / ads are immediately aimed at all genders and all adult ages. 

  • A minimum 5% commission on quality products at prices that ensure high earnings potential with the option of increasing this with performance, initially to 6%, 7% up to 10%.  Increases are simply based on performance and will be considered if / when you are achieving at least 20 sales per month, which is very achievable. 
  • 30 day cookie - so you don't miss out if they need time to consider a purchase
  • Regular payouts
  • Payment options
  • If the website decides to use a discount code you will be updated with banners to entice additional sale leads
  • The website provides a wealth of knowledge relating to the health benefits and good of sheepskin and silk that buyers find interesting.
  • If an affiliate would like a particular banner style or anything they can contact us and let us know.  Equally, if an affiliate would like us to help them in any way we are a nice and cooperative business that want to care for and consider our affiliate needs to help them succeed also.  Simply contact us.

Slouchers Australian Sheepskin Slippers  The new half mule half slipper.  Our Harmony insole and subtle base coupled with natural materials and beautiful cosy sheepskin wool inner will embrace and caress your feet and unexpectedly relax and impress you.  Your lounge time is transformed into an almost spa-like experience. They are perfect day wear and team with everything.  Slouchers sheepskin slippers are stylish, luxurious and modern.  The unique signature unisex design appeal to everyone any age and gender.  Australian sheepskin and the whole dreamy experience will win you over.

Slouchers 100% Mulberry Silk Gifts  Our beautiful Silk Gift Sets are irresistible. From extravagant 5-Piece Pillowcase & Accessories Gift in 100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk infused with Hyaluronic Acid to sleep masks and scrunchies, all boxed, perfect as gifts or a 'me too' treat.  

It will serve you well to prepare your page in good time for the seasonal uplift but they are great tick over items too.

Slouchers genuine sheepskin slippers and 100% Mulberry Silk gift sets.  Popular products at prices that enable good earning potential. 

Signing up is easy and you can start getting referrals immediately.  In order to get commission you first need to register / login - but if necessary, contact us 


If you are already a member then simply log in:


Companies with good retail presence / previous experience are welcome to contact us with their information for a trade relationship. 

Social Butterflies: 
Do you love social media?.  We like and love you back - so don't think we are all one-sided, we're not!   We may be a new UK brand, but we won't always be! Get in early, promote us early and we won't forget you later.  We are here for each other  #Slouchers #SlouchersSlippers 
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