About Us 

Slouchers were created by best friends and husband and wife team Faye & Steve who have worked in online retail since 2002.  Our experience spans many areas from manufacturing and retail to e-commerce, apps and more.

Comfort was always key to them as they spent many more hours working when home (anyone that works from home knows how true that is).   

Steve usually wore trainers or walked around in leather flip flops.  Faye would buy him slippers every Christmas as a filler and he never wore a single pair.  Faye would go through standard slippers almost monthly and they never quite ticked all the boxes.  Slippers that were mules were often far too slack to go up and down stairs in.  Full slippers never did quite fit properly, often stiff and even scratchy in some cases.  The soft-sole ones had the disadvantage of wearing thin under sole and getting holes, and became baggy after a week or two, nor can you pop out in the garden without them becoming saturated. They all just lacked that thing that made them your new best friend!  

Talking of best friends... we all have that friend that cannot find their size.  This is especially true in the case of ladies with larger feet or men with smaller feet.  So Slouchers also don't have a definite size marker for ladies and gents.  The design suits both men and women and a lady size 10 can wear Slouchers in the same way that a man size 6 can.   

At this time we only go up to size 12 men's but do intend to increase sizes and expand colours - with that in mind, do let us know what you want... want size 11 pink? - tell us!  We want to know this.

Many people literally live in slippers or their chosen house shoes these days and feet are very important.  Yes, we can buy slippers much cheaper a few times a year, but that just doesn't seem sensible unless you have a favourite that you keep buying, but through our research we found that wasn't the case at all.  Most people spent 40-50% more in a year than the cost of one pair of Slouchers that will last you longer.  Our Slouchers have been trialled by young, middle aged, old, athletes, males, females etc and the feedback we got was amazing.  Not one person did not love the style, comfort and other benefits of Slouchers.    

So, Faye and Steve thought there was a solution but, for them, it definitely did not come in a synthetic baggy or lack-lustre style run of the mill slipper.  This is true for many.  As a society we want to look good opening the front door to the delivery man or when a friend calls for a cuppa.  We want comfort inside and out and style.  We want class, elegance, convenience and we want mules and slippers at different times. They have to look good in a dress or with your jeans on. We want to wear them in the garden.  We also want a good natural material that has longevity and we want something that we actually want to wear.  We want a lot now and we want to tick as many boxes as possible.

This is why Slouchers are different!

Slouchers were created to bring sheepskin slippers with a unique unisex appeal to you, online.  

The core design took a long time to create because it was important that it met all the needs we should have in a pair of quality slippers that are literally made for slouching.

High quality, modern, stylish on trend Australian sheepskin of this quality is not easy to get at such competitive prices.

The unique Slouchers brand, sits neatly alongside any designer and outwits them all. 

Created for men and women alike, gone are the days of boring stuffy slippers that are long past their sell-by date and in come Slouchers.  Breaking down the walls of gender and conformity... flop around on the backs or pop them on for more security. 

Without falling out of your mules or feeling hemmed-in in those slippers.  Slouchers are a hybrid with pedigree!

They are healthy because they are natural.  They are comfortable because they are soft and designed to be... it's that simple and your feet will literally love them.

The Design & Structure

Slouchers were two years and dozens of prototypes in the making. It took us a long time to decide what Slouchers should look and feel like. Which sheepskin we would use and more.

With its unique fit and style, the Slouchers design was made to suit both men and women, young and old alike.

The quality of the sheepskin and the construction was all important. We wanted something that tied traditional values with a modern appeal and many designs went out of the window.

At long last, Slouchers Slippers were born!

We love them and we know you will too.

We coupled this with modern tasteful packaging and a team of enthusiasts that live and breathe Slouchers. A great brand with excellent values and superb service.

Slouchers Silk followed initially because we simply love silk... and it's been our one indulgence over the years.  100% Mulberry Grade 6A Silk is expensive of course.  But we wanted the best.  When we discovered Hyaluronic Acid we honestly did not believe it was possible for Hyaluronic Acid to be infused and actually beneficial... we went out of our way to check out the facts, and sure enough, it is infused and it has been proven to be beneficial to hair and skin, backed up by science.  We've used it and can back this up!  We test everything for weeks.  Go to bed without skincare.. and wash it lots, and use... and over-use!  We wanted to include some luxury gift options that are tasteful and beautiful.  We are currently working with designers on a future loungewear range to be developed next year.   

If you have made it this far then thank you. 

Enjoy browsing the Slouchers website

Yours sincerely,

The Slouchers Team x

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