10 Good Reasons to Buy SlouchersTM Sheepskin Slippers

There are few things as wonderful as slipping into Slouchers sheepskin slippers. But there is so much more to Slouchers than amazing comfort.

Here, we give you just a snippet of the health (and other) benefits of our fabulous sheepskin slippers.

Our Slouchers are great, inside and out!

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Harmony Under Foot Slouchers

  1. Lanolin CeramidesThe ceramides present in wool are remarkably similar in composition to those found on the corneal layer of human skin tissue. This, fundamentally proteinaceous, natural fibre has an external lipid content – known as lanolin - already used in cosmetics and baby creams – and an internal lipid content of great value due to its high concentration of ceramides. Protecting the animal in the open through harsh winters and hot summers. The lanolin in the fibres helps to protect and lubricate both the fibres and your feet.
  2. Insulation & Temperature Regulator - Warm in winter, cool in summer. It is a natural insulator. Feet are warm and cuddled, dry and never sticky or cold where you need socks. The perfect balance.
  3. Natural Absorption - Sheepskin is so naturally absorbent that it can draw perspiration from the feet and dispel it back into the atmosphere seven times faster than synthetic materials. This natural movement of moisture works just as it would on the animal itself. This significantly helps people with sweaty feet. Natural wool with its complex construction, natural oils and ability to absorb and resist damp and air dry all help to disperse so that they remain comfortable. If you have a particular issue with this, also read more about this in our Q&A's page & the tips on our Care Instructions page.
  4. Naturally Flexible - One of the pleasures of owning a new pair of Slouchers sheepskin slippers is how they mould to the shape of your feet. New, they fit closely and snug, but not tight.  They home-in on you, encompassing your foot shape beautifully and improving all the time. Wool fibres are soft and smooth whilst benefiting from an outer layer of protein which promotes ease of movement. As you walk about the house, the skin on your feet moves across the fleece with no resistance and no friction is generated to cause discomfort.
  5. Naturally Breathable - Sheepskin is a natural material that is breathable. Helping to prevent a sweaty foot and at the same time the antibacterial properties in conjunction with a natural, breathable material is healthier and reduces odour and discomfort.
  6. Hypoallergenic - Hypoallergenic and suitable for people with allergies, sheepskin slippers are recommended by chiropodists, doctors and health workers for patients who have many circulatory problems and sensitivities. Sheepskin is resistant to dust mites, mould, and bacterial growth.
  7. Antibacterial - Sheepskin is resistant to dust mites, mould, and bacterial growth. The natural lanolin oils in sheepskin wool help eliminate foot irritation and odour.  Depending on the extent of your issue sheepskins antibacterial qualities progressively improve many conditions.
  8. Health Conditions - There are many health conditions that benefit from sheepskin slippers.  Sheepskin can help regulate temperature in the feet and legs where circulation can become sluggish as some conditions progress, such as diabetes. Prevention is often better than a cure and quality footwear is especially important throughout life for everyone and this is where sheepskin slippers can be so beneficial, let alone an absolute dream to wear. Other circulation problems, arthritis etc benefit too. Shock absorbing base helps reduce impact on walking. Wearing sheepskin throughout your life might even prevent illness and will certainly alleviate symptoms.
  9. Durable - Sheepskin slippers are in it for the long haul. Unlike faux leathers and man-made materials with short life expectancies, sheepskin can withstand rigorous everyday wear. You will enjoy them for years to come. As gifts they are more than welcome and are enjoyed for a long time. Unlike many gifts, they will get used, are healthy and are suitable for all ages, genders and are not subject to restrictions in any way.
  10. The Design & Structure - Slouchers were two years and dozens of prototypes in the making. It took us a long time to decide what Slouchers should look and feel like. Which sheepskin we would use and more.  With its unique fit and style, the Slouchers design was made to suit both men and women, young and old alike. The quality of the sheepskin and the construction was all important. We wanted something that tied traditional values with a modern appeal and many designs went out of the window.  At long last, Slouchers was born!
    We love them and we know you will too. We coupled this with modern tasteful packaging and a team of enthusiasts that live and breathe Slouchers. A great brand with excellent values and superb service.

    Hand crafted in high quality Australian sheepskin; comfort is key.  From the carefully selected sheepskin uppers to the bendy but steady non-slip soles and foam insoles, our footwear is designed for style and durability

    Moulding around your feet while soothing your soles, walking on sheepskin is the ultimate sensation.  The soles themselves have a seriously considered construction as see below in our helpful diagram.

    The Anatomy of Slouchers...  Six Harmonising Layers under your foot.   

    From the bottom, up:

    1. Base / Sole:  The flat TPR rubber soles, created with just enough firmness but with the right level of bendy to allow the base of the slipper movement while walking. 
    2. Texon fibre layer.  A breathable fibre board that is hygienic deep within the sole helping maintain the shape of the slipper while working with the natural upper materials in its ability to aid temperature control, circulation and moisture dispersion
    3. 2mm layer of EVA which is light, flexible and shock absorbing.  Often used in running shoes in greater thickness, this fine layer provides the required about of layer for general day to day use and will help keep the legs from tiring or hurting.  The layer also helps insulate on colder days.
    4. 5mm Foam layer of comfort foam providing an air filled pocket of additional softness and comfort.  This padding provides all the right elements for use under the sheepskin as it allow the sheepskin to dominate the softness but cushions this for comfort.
    5. An additional 5mm Foam layer (as above) to enhance this softness and comfort
    6. Finally - Pure Sheepskin encases the slipper all around your foot like a glove. 

Harmony Sole on Slouchers

For thousands of years man has used sheepskin as a means of protection for feet and bodies, long before technology came along and tried to recreate it with faux options. Faux options that include synthetic and plastic composed fabrics cannot possibly compare to sheepskin next to your skin.  If nothing else has convinced you so far, we think Slouchers will!

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